24h Surface

These textile sculptures, family portraits and postcards are made for specific distribution centres in the Netherlands. I am interested in these buildings as a physical outcome of an online supply chain that needs to be constantly available, yet absent from the landscape. In order to camouflage, these centres are designed like pixelated versions of the landscapes they are in.

Mimicking their facade, my work investigates their absence, presence and character in the landscape. During the exhibition of the work I invited the audience to write a postcard to a distribution centre to temporarily reverse the supply chain.

click here for a collection of distribution centres painted in the colors of their surroundings

24h Surface

Wrapping up connotations of corrugated cardboard, industrial buildings, landscape and weaving, this work infiltrates effective postal services. Yet these handmade objects deny productive functionality; they translate next-day-delivery into a time consuming craft.

During the covid-pandemic I developed a long distance performance for the digital realms. Via a website, audience members are invited on a journey through an imaginative world where objects of daily life tell stories. The website refers to postal services who’s business exploded during the pandemic. Using cardboard sculptures, it intertwines the digital world with an intimate package sorting centre in my bedroom.

Together we explore the online space with movements in an offline space. We are simultaneously present in both.

Visit the work (unfortunately without live performance!) via: link

I Want To Be a Distribution Centre

Publication of my thesis I Want to Be a Distribution Centre

A virtual click smoothly activates a system of order pickers, conveyor belts, fitted shock-free wrapping, logistically organized transport, and precisely timed delivery. As if by magic: a package arrives. But underneath its smooth surface is a business that has no time or space for individuality. This publication researches the efficiency of delivery services against unpredictable movements of drifting, flirting, rolling and plunging. Can a distribution centre multiply in meaning, through misunderstanding?

I Want to Be a Distribution Centre will not explain what a distribution centre is, but it will tell you about the white space on the back of a postcard, about a ship that drifted over the north pole, and about two Shetland ponies in a flimsy metal fence. Shifting continuously through movement, transit, container, wrapping, landscape and language, it is an attempt to wrap a distribution centre in an alternative narrative.

To order one, email me.

I am a distribution centre / lost & found office / bike rack / archive / assembly line

Appropriating methods of organized effectiveness to a one-person-practise, my work investigates the maintenance and momentum of everyday life.

To celebrate the rut and routine of the mundane, I make gadgets and pawns for everyday life. They take the shape of towels, boxes, performances and vlogs. I admire logical and predictive systems. But channeling those through DIY means and intuition, is like ineffectively meandering over a target-counting conveyor belt.

While using notions of functionality, my work is part of an unproductive setting. It questions the neoliberal norm for efficiency. Can a detour be a political statement?

My work will take you on a detour. I am a trickster! I make artworks that look like utensils and utensils displayed like artworks. Continuously shifting through shape: can ambiguity be a tool to make the univocal multiply in meaning?

Currently obsessed with tent-making, box-weaving and distribution centres in the landscape.

email me at cecilehubner@gmail.com


Tramfest was a one-evening public transport & arts festival, at the Elektrisch Tramlijnmuseum in Amsterdam. Artists and musicians installed themselves and their work inside vintage trams, and the audience joined them on a bumpy ride!

Collaboration with Fishra.

Installation for a vitrine window in Amsterdam city center. The alley of the exhibition space is always clogged with bikes, so I decided to make these bikes as much part of the exhibition as the image displayed in the vitrine. Whereas the vitrine window shows an image of oranges traveling by train, several bike racks in front of the window became carriers of pillows for oranges as well.


Functioning between the person who holds them and the groceries in them: bags are both carriers and carried.

This series of bright-colored, forgotten bags reveal their pink insides and cling to the floor when picked up. They drop all their contents to the ground.

For an exhibition at the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam I made the bags from plastic, like the ones that are used at a market.


Sports trainings wrestle with art works on the playing field! During this five day arts & sports festival at the Dokzaal at Plantage Dok, formerly a schoolgym, we curated a program of fast artworks, sweaty films, loud music, local korfbal training and an uncompetitive reading.

Collaboration with Fishra.